Christmas Crafts for Kids That Will Make Great Childhood Memories

My kids love to do crafts. But to be honest, although some of them can do it for hours, I also have children who begin enthusiastically, but are finished within 5 minutes, wanting to do something else. And leaving a mess all over my kitchen table and floor…

It doesn’t matter though. Because when I ask before bedtime what was the best moment of their day, they all will say: doing crafts together! Even the ones who can only do it for a couple of minutes will mention this – so the activity still made a good memory.

And that’s what I cherish the most: making great memories together with my children, so they can look back and forget about the mess, the fight over a pair of scissors, the frustration about the glue that didn’t stick – and only seem to remember that they had fun! And in the process, they created something they can be proud of.

Christmas Crafts for kids

Since it’s almost Christmas, we recently did some Christmas crafts. In this article I listed over 25 ideas for Christmas crafts you can do with your children, making great childhood memories together!

Pinecone Christmas trees

To make adorable Christmas pinecone trees you need large pinecones, green paint, buttons, good glue, cotton wool for snow, and some colored paper (to cut out stars for the tops of the trees). One thing that I need to mention is that small buttons work best since it’s harder to glue larger ones to the pinecone (gravity often wins from glue, you know). We used a part of an empty toilet roll to make the tree stand. It’s a craft that needs some patience to accomplish, but then you will have a decorative result!

Here’s a popular pinecone Christmas tree video I’ve found on YouTube

Paper snowflakes

The last few days we had snow in my neck of the woods! And if you’re from the Netherlands, you should know that this doesn’t happen very often. 

Each year we’ll have hail and wet snow for a couple of days, but even when it’s snowing, it often doesn’t last long enough to be able to make a snowman. But this Monday we had snow enough to make one in our backyard! 

Today it’s raining again – so there’s not much snow left. My husband is happy about that. 

My kids… not so much. But even though we don’t often have snow here, we love to cut snowflakes. A great snowflake tutorial with a video is found on this blog. Have fun!

Cotton wool snowman

This one is fun for all ages, you can notice the age differences in the examples below. You only need colored paper, cotton wool, buttons, glue, and scissors.

Crafty Christmas cards

Nothing more personal than handmade cards, right? Give them to grandparents, neighbors, teachers… Here are a few examples on Amazon, but there are many more ideas.

This Christmas Angel is as simple as beautiful. It would make a great tree ornament

Christmas ornaments

  • Glittering popsicle stick Christmas trees
  • Melted beads ornaments
  • Pom poms and pinecones Christmas ornaments

Christmas trees

  • Fold a fir tree
  • Paper plate Christmas tree craft
  • Paper plate Christmas tree whirligig

Nativity Scenes

  • Craft your own nativity scene
  • Stained Glass Nativity
  • Nativity finger puppets

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