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Fbcmango.org is a free resource that offers expert, passionate, faith based, researched topics from the bible to help our readers to live free, victorious, joyful, and abundant lives here on earth and in the life to come. We publish bible verses, tips, guides, Godly advice, and even testimonies.

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Dexter Whinfield

Dexter Whinfield is the editor-in-chief of fbcmango.org. Dexter is a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ and he enjoys writing, prayer, reading, spending time with his family, helping God’s people, and becoming who God called me to be while here on earth. Alongside being the tech guy behind fbcmango.org, Dexter ensures that all content we publish is of the highest quality, carefully researched, and curated. He is committed to the belief that only helpful information and advice should ever appear on the platform.

Rebekah Whinfield

Rebekah is a wife, mother, and a wonderful woman of God. Rebekah also writes at Fbcmango.org and help to ensure everything is running smoothly.

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