12 Powerful Healing Scriptures for Lungs


Strengthen your spirit, encourage your soul, and boost your faith to the point where you can believe God for healing with these 12 powerful healing scriptures for lungs. Many before you have felt “God’s breath blew into their Lungs!” And there were healed of lung-related diseases and other lung complications. Today I will share a …

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Psalm 35 (KJV): Plead My Cause Oh God

Psalms 40:1

In Psalm 35, David is seeking revenge. He wants God to avenge his enemies because of the pain he had suffered at their hands.  David wanted joy but he was in constant sorrow, and here he in Psalm 35 he is patiently waiting on God to show up. By the time you are through reading …

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17 Encouraging Bible Verses for Surgery (KJV)

Isaiah 41:10

These encouraging Bible verses for surgery KJV is a modified, shorter article from my recent post on pre-surgery scriptures. The only difference here is that all the verses quoted here are from the KJV Bible. But I would encourage you to read the original post as it is a great read and is more in-depth.  Nevertheless, …

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9 Comforting Scriptures for a Child Before Surgery

Have faith in God

Whether you’re looking for the best scripture before surgery for a child or a collection of comforting scriptures for your child before surgery, the ones listed here will reassure your heart and mind that God is in control and everything will be okay. These reassuring and comforting scriptures will fill you and your child’s hearts …

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Here’s a Good Scripture Before Surgery for a Friend

Godly encouragement

Isaiah 41:10 is a Good Scripture Before Surgery for a Friend and one of the most comforting words of encouragement you can share with them. Isaiah 41:10 is the assurance your friend needs before surgery; it is a good bible verse to share with a friend who is preparing for surgery. This bible verse is …

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Best Scriptures Before Surgery for a Friend

Ephesians 6:11

Your friend is counting on you; play your part by sharing these scriptures before surgery with them.   These scriptures will help your friend find comfort, peace, and strength to pull through their surgical operation. Moreover, a comforting word of hope can go a long way; it has helped many before to increase their faith and …

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The Meaning of the Lord’s Prayer Line by Line

Encouraging words for strength and comfort

What is the meaning of the Lord’s prayer? The Lord’s Prayer is, in all likelihood, the most well-known and repeated prayer among Christians.  It is found in two of the gospels, specifically Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4. There we can see that Jesus used that prayer as an example to teach his disciples how to pray. As …

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9 Anointed Woman of God in the Bible We Must All Know

anointed women of God

Today I’m happy to share an unusual list of an anointed women of God in the Bible. The Bible has several examples of God-fearing women who God used to bring deliverance, stand in the gap, pray, and make a difference at some point in their life.  These women excelled in a male-dominated age, yet they …

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13 Bible Verses About Family Togetherness

Jude 1:24 NIV

The idea of the family came from God; it was His doing. God could have created us to live in isolation, but He didn’t because the family is important to Him.  No man is an island by himself; we need each other, and it’s God’s design for us to continue living with each other, support, …

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