15 Christian Marriage Intimacy Ideas

Looking for Christian marriage intimacy ideas to reignite your marriage? You’re at the right place. This article will provide plenty of useful ideas to spark some romance in your marriage.

Marriage was made by God and he blessed it. Keeping the home fires burning is a sign of wisdom. It is within the beautiful relationship of marriage that God created sex to be a fulfilling and satisfying part of a healthy marriage.

15 Hot Ideas to Encourage Intimacy in Your Christian Marriage!

1: Make time for passion.

We are all living busy lives. If you are not careful then the spark that brought you together will grow dim. Make time to keep the home fires of romance burning bright.

2: Get physical.

Physically touching, holding hands, rubbing her back, are great ways to get the motor running. Keep in mind that romance in marriage is very physical, so increase touch and take time to caress.

3: Plan a surprise mystery date.

There is something about a surprise and a mystery that motivates the hormones and gets the so-called “juices” flowing. Be spontaneous, or make plans. Either way, make it exciting and out of the ordinary.

4: Do something new and exciting.

This ties in with the previous tip, but we want to emphasize the need for something new. It doesn’t have to be big, but should be out of the ordinary routine. Routine can often be the enemy of keeping romance alive.

5: Don’t be afraid to express your sexuality.

As you already know, marriage is the right relationship to express your sexuality. Don’t be afraid to show it.

God gave you your libido, and designed marriage as the place to express it, and share it.

6: Play together.

There is a great scripture that this brings to mind, that mentions how a couple plays together.

Genesis 26:8 “And it came to pass when he had been there a long time, that Abimelech king of the Philistines looked out at a window, and saw, and, behold, Isaac was sporting with Rebekah his wife.” Be playful and fun in your romance.

7: Give your spouse a good massage.

 Here is a great idea! Who doesn’t love a good massage? This is a chance to get your spouse relaxed and comfortable with your affection.

Just don’t let them fall asleep.

8: Bring on the romance.

Dim the lights at home, light some great-smelling candles, and put on the music. Setting the mood is a key in sparking the fires of passion in marriage.

9: Go to bed BEFORE you are tired.

Often times with the hectic pace of life, we go to bed exhausted. Make sure you head to be early.

Get the bed ready, prepare for the morning ahead of time, and start sending the signals.

10: Go on an adventure.

 Whatever it is that you know your spouse love to do, go do it with them. Show sincere interest and be involved.

Guys, if it is a shopping trip, make the most of her trying on her outfits.

11: Text your spouse a hot love note.

 Almost everyone has smartphones these days. Send a quick flirtatious note to your spouse. Be careful when you send it, and make sure it’s not over the top in case someone sees it.

12: Take a shower together.

 This could even be a surprise after sending the subtle signals for a day or two.

13: Turn off your screens and focus on each other.

 Screens are always in our faces. Put them away and look deep into your spouse’s eyes. How long has it been since you did that?

14: Flirt all day.

 When you were dating, this was a natural part of your interaction. Sometimes this can slip away and make your marriage stale.

Do something flirtatious with your spouse, and keep at it all day.

15: Be sexually confident.

A lack of sexual confidence is more common than you may realize. If you are affected by it, then do your best to overcome it and pretend.

Some confident advances are exciting as long as they are not overbearing.

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