10 Biblical Advice on Parenting

Whether you’re looking for biblical advice on parenting or tips for raising Godly children, these 10 tips on parenting will help you care and nurture your children in a way pleasing to God. When my parenting ‘wisdom’ didn’t work out the way I had in mind, and I had to acknowledge my complete lack of …

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Helping Children to Keep Their Hearts Pure

Every time I held my baby in my arms and looked into his bright, blue eyes, I felt like I was looking right into heaven. It often made me think of what Jesus said: “And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me.” Matthew 18:5. This little bundle of joy truly is a …

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13+ Powerful Bible Verses About Friendship

friends hugging each other

Friendships are beautiful, and these wonderful bible verses about friendship will reveal and explain why having good friends is special and dare to the heart of the Lord. As we can see here: Isaiah 41:8 “But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob, whom I have chosen, you descendants of Abraham, my friend.” Even God himself was …

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50+ Bible Verses for Encouragement and Strength for 2022

Psalm 46:1

I have been writing a lot from the book of Psalms lately, but today I will share with you a few inspirational Bible verses for encouragement that I hope will bless your heart. An encouraging word of hope and strength can turn sorrow into joy, crying into laughter, grief into gladness, and hopelessness into expectations. It can …

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Best Helpful Forgiveness Scriptures in the Bible

forgiveness verses

I’ve been writing about faith a lot lately, but today I want to share with you a few powerful forgiveness scriptures that you can use to build your faith and knowledge about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is vital and imperative to our Christian walk, it’s not something we can just look over, there must be attention given …

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Top 20 Bible Verses Before Surgery to Read

before surgery verses

Today I’m going to share with you how to boost your faith, strengthen your spirit, encourage your soul, and overcome fear with 20 pre-surgery bible verses. These before-surgery scriptures have helped many persons like you draw closer to God and recover from major surgeries. That said, I’m sure that many thoughts are running through your …

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