9 Anointed Woman of God in the Bible We Must All Know

anointed women of God

Today I’m happy to share an unusual list of an anointed women of God in the Bible. The Bible has several examples of God-fearing women who God used to bring deliverance, stand in the gap, pray, and make a difference at some point in their life.  These women excelled in a male-dominated age, yet they …

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13 Bible Verses About Family Togetherness

Jude 1:24 NIV

The idea of the family came from God; it was His doing. God could have created us to live in isolation, but He didn’t because the family is important to Him.  No man is an island by himself; we need each other, and it’s God’s design for us to continue living with each other, support, …

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11 Lovely Verses of Encouragement for Women

Have faith in God

There are many challenges that life presents us and sometimes we feel burdened and overwhelmed. The Bible offers us many words of encouragement that fill us with peace and renew our strength. The Word of God strengthens us and helps us to continue the path of life with faith and optimism, clinging to our Lord. …

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Top 5 Bible Verses About Money

Scriptures about money

In this post, we will look at five scriptures about money that I think every Christian should know and that I believe will have a deep impact on your life. This post aims to educate us on what God’s word says about money so that we can get more in alignment with God’s word. We’re …

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7 Things the Bible Says About Money in the Last Days

what the bible says about money in the last days

We are in the last days; the signs of the times are everywhere, and there is no denying it.   Among many things discussed, money is one of the most popular topics. Money is a very touchy topic, especially for Christians. Moreover, one of the most frequently asked questions in churches is “what does the bible …

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5 Ways to Get Closer to God by Fasting

get closer to God with fasting

How to get closer to God by fasting? The kingdom of God is a Kingdom of light; it’s a kingdom of information, and unless you possess the correct knowledge, all your efforts to get results will prove ineffective. To engage and receive from the kingdom of God, you must possess the understanding of the subject …

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Encouraging Scriptures for Woman

encouraging scriptures for woman

Almost every woman has days when negative thoughts such as “I’m not good enough,” “I’m not pretty enough,” or “I’m not clever enough” invade her mind. In these situations, it’s easy to lose hope and encouragement, and it may seem easier to “just give up.” But the Bible reminds you that the negative thoughts and words you …

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Bible Verses About Walking in Faith and Not by Sight

Faith: it’s either you have it, or you don’t; there is no in-between. Moreover, if you have ever wondered what the bible says about walking by faith: you’ve landed on the right page. Faith is essential for victorious living, powerful, and an effective weapon of engagement that anyone can use to make demands on God: …

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Fine Christian Jewelry Earrings for Woman

christian jewelry earrings

Earrings make the perfect gift because they are always the right fit in any shape, size, and color imaginable.  From beaded earrings to diamond earrings and everything in between, the right pair will give you that Godly, royal, and peculiar look that is befitting a child of the King (the Most High God).  Things To Consider When …

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100+ Uplifting Bible Verses and Christian Quotes for 2022

upliftment in God's Word

When it feels like the world is against you, the devil is on your tail, and you can’t catch a break, let these uplifting bible verses lift your spirits and inspire you to keep going. Let Your Spirit Soar I’ve looked through the Bible and compiled a list of some of the most encouraging verses.  …

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