10+ Great Bible Verses About Reading the Bible

God’s word is the Christian’s vital breath, therefore, these 10 Bible verses about reading the bible are priceless nuggets. First of all, we will agree that the Christian life is not without its fair share of troubles. However, most of these troubles can be avoided through daily reading of the scriptures. Lest we forget, Hebrews …

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10 Wise Biblical Advice for Married Couples

These are ten powerful but simple biblical advice for married couples, especially Christian couples who are looking to have God at the center of the marriage. Debunking the Misconception in Christian Marriages Marital problems are real but society has taught, more so; the church; that Christians who join together in Holy matrimony are immune to …

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50+ Mighty Scriptures for Healing and Strength

Scriptures for Healing and Strength

These powerful scriptures for healing and strength will teach you how to activate God’s healing power over your life.  But first… a short testimony of healing: I remember vividly a few years ago when I got my back damaged and could barely walk. I was in bad shape and needed help fast. But the total …

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10 Psalms for New Beginnings

A new start

There’s light at the end of the tunnel; these 15 Psalms for new beginnings may be just what you need to overcome setbacks, discouragement, anxiety, and fear. They will encourage and push you into all that God has called you to be. But I must warn you, discouragement, anxiety, and fear will be some of …

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24 Mighty Scriptures on Prayer

I won’t claim that I know everything there is to prayer, but I’m a man of prayer, and as such, I want to share with you twenty four mighty scriptures on prayer that has been an inspiration and reminder of the importance and power of prayer. Moreover, I usually like to comment on these verses, …

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50+ Healing Scriptures in the Bible to Confess Daily 

Best healing scriptures from the Bible to read

If you or someone you know is sick… you need healing.  Jesus’ earthly ministry was focused on healing; He healed everywhere and everyone that came to him with demonic possession, physical deformities, sicknesses, and incurable diseases.  “A vast crowd brought to him people who were lame, blind, crippled, those who couldn’t speak, and many others. …

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50+ Bible Verses for Encouragement and Strength for 2022

Psalm 46:1

I have been writing a lot from the book of Psalms lately, but today I will share with you a few inspirational Bible verses for encouragement that I hope will bless your heart. An encouraging word of hope and strength can turn sorrow into joy, crying into laughter, grief into gladness, and hopelessness into expectations. It can …

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Best Helpful Forgiveness Scriptures in the Bible

forgiveness verses

I’ve been writing about faith a lot lately, but today I want to share with you a few powerful forgiveness scriptures that you can use to build your faith and knowledge about forgiveness.  Forgiveness is vital and imperative to our Christian walk, it’s not something we can just look over, there must be attention given …

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Top 15 Psalms About Power You Need to Read

I find myself writing more and more about Psalms lately. The book of Psalms is a powerful collection of scriptures that has a solution for any situation in life. So today, I will continue the trend and share a few short but powerful Psalms about power with you. Nehemiah 8:10 says, …” for the joy …

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Trees: Their Importance in The Bible

I’ve been writing a lot lately about scriptures, so today, I want to continue the same theme and share with you a few bible verses with trees, their importance, and examples. Trees are everywhere; no matter where you turn, chances are you’ll see trees. But have you ever stopped to think about trees and their …

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